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Tessera provides innovative technologies that are transforming next-generation wireless, consumer and computing products.
Company Overview

Tessera Technologies, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, develops, invests in, licenses and delivers innovative miniaturization technologies and products for next-generation electronic devices. More than 65% of Tessera’s employees are dedicated technologists or inventors. The company’s micro-electronics solutions enable smaller, higher-functionality devices through chip-scale and wafer-level packaging, silicon-level interconnect and 3D packaging, as well as silent air cooling technology. Tessera’s imaging and optics solutions provide cost-effective, high-quality camera functionality in consumer electronic products through technologies that include Extended Depth of Field (EDOF), zoom and MEMS-based auto-focus. The company also offers custom micro-optics for semiconductor lithography, communications, medical, industrial and other applications.

After being founded in 1990, Tessera became a leader in integrated circuit (IC) packaging with its transformational Tessera Compliant Chip® (TCC) chip-scale packaging (CSP) technology. This innovative technology, which has been widely adopted by the semiconductor industry, enables the packaging of an IC to be approximately the same size as the IC itself. The company continues to develop breakthrough solutions in this arena, most recently applying its unique expertise to 3D packaging, high-density substrates and silent air cooling technology.

In 2005, Tessera expanded on its packaging expertise by investing in wafer-level CSP solutions for image sensors. Over the last six years, Tessera has made a series of strategic acquisitions and advancements, furthering its position in the imaging and optics markets.

Business Model

Tessera started as a manufacturer of semiconductor packaging. Once the company realized that its core value was in the development of its innovative packaging technology, it began licensing the rights to its packaging solutions and partnering with industry-leading semiconductor manufacturers to enable the creation of cutting-edge electronic products.

Through its strategic expansion into imaging and optics, Tessera has been able to realize the opportunities generated by new products and technologies. To ensure its ability to continue to offer solutions to meet industry demand for smaller, faster, more feature-rich electronics, the company expanded on its business model. Today, Tessera solutions and products promote the success of OEMs, partners and customers. This allows manufacturers to get the right product to market, at the right time.

Today, Tessera solutions and products promote the success of OEMs, partners and customers. This allows manufacturers to get the right product to market, at the right time.


Tessera’s miniaturization technologies enable new levels of innovation in electronics, optics and imaging. The company continues to anticipate and successfully address market demand for the next wave of electronic products.

Tessera’s portfolio of solutions focuses on two key technology areas:
  • Micro-electronics – including chip-scale and wafer-level packaging, silicon-level interconnect and 3D packaging, as well as high-density substrate and silent air cooling technology
  • Imaging and Optics - including image enhancement technologies and wafer-level packaging and optics solutions

Tessera’s patented CSP technology and associated CSP substrate technology enable our customers to assemble semiconductor chips into packages almost as small as the chip itself. Our multi-chip packaging (MCP) technology and associated MCP substrate technology extends this capability by enabling multiple semiconductor chips and passive components to be densely combined in ultra-compact electronics modules. By reducing the size of the semiconductor package and shortening electrical connections between the chip and the circuit board, Tessera’s technologies allow further miniaturization and increases in performance and functionality for electronic products, as well as reducing power consumption and extending battery life. We achieve this without sacrificing product reliability by allowing movement within the package, thus addressing critical problems associated with thermally-induced stress which can occur when packages decrease in size.

Tessera continues to innovate and expand upon these technologies. Our extensive research and development efforts focus on electronic product miniaturization from a system perspective, specifically through the dense interconnection of components and extensive use of three-dimensional and advanced substrate packaging technologies. Tessera continues to advance its relationships with leading substrate vendors, and dedicates resources to new developments in silent air cooling technology.

Imaging and Optics

OptiML image enhancement technologies improve the quality of captured images, offering a range of capabilities from advanced photo and video image processing to high-quality focus and zoom. These innovative technologies offer superior price / performance and reliability for very small form factor camera modules. OptiML micro-optics elements are high-performance, highly efficient optical solutions customized for lithographic equipment, photonic systems and communication technologies that meet the industry’s ever-increasing demands for optical precision and reliability.

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