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  • Invensas acquires ALLVIA 3D-IC packaging technology
  • DigitalOptics partners with Celluon on virtual keyboard
  • NANIUM produces high density, high speed DRAMs with Invensas’ xFD technology
  • Invensas unveils new multi-die face-down (xFD) packaging technology
  • DigitalOptics technology in space shuttle Endeavour mission
  • Tessera Creates New Invensas™ and DigitalOptics™ Groups
  • Tessera Licenses OptiML™ Zoom Solution to Samsung
  • SEMI Recognizes Developers of Tessera Chip-Scale Packaging Technology
  • Tessera Licenses Patents to Olympus Imaging
  • Tessera Licenses New Video Tools Solution to Fujitsu Semiconductor
  • Fujitsu renews technology licensing agreement with Tessera
  • New Tessera technology brings video image stabilization to mobile market
  • Tessera acquires Siimpel
  • Tessera licenses Face Tracking technology to Samsung
  • Tessera licenses OptiML Focus technology to AzureWave
  • Tessera and UTAC sign updated technology licensing agreement
  • Tessera and Nanium sign packaging technology agreement
  • Tessera® OptiML image enhancement technologies in Samsung HD image sensors
  • Tessera licenses Face Tracking technology to SK Telesys
  • Tessera licenses OptiML Micro Via Pad technology to JCAP
  • Tessera ships one millionth OptiML lens
  • New Tessera FotoNation® technology enables face recognition for mobile devices
  • Tessera developing 3 MP wafer-level optics (WLO) technology with EDOF
  • Tessera and Motorola enter into technology license agreement
  • Tessera acquires certain assets from Dblur
  • Tessera® OptiML™ image enhancement solutions for up to 14 MP
  • Tessera offers DigitalOptics™ lens array technology for parallel optics
  • Tessera licenses wafer-level optics (WLO) to Qtech
  • Tessera licenses µPILR™ technology to Kinsus
  • Tessera's OptiML wafer-level camera technology recognized for photonics innovation
  • Tessera’s wafer-level packaging technology shipped in one billion image sensors
  • Tessera introduces new Face Beautification and Blink Detect technologies
  • Tessera licenses OptiML Micro Via Pad technology to Qtech
  • Tessrea licenses OptiML Micro Via Pad technology to AWLP and Qtech Tessera’s Face
  • Tracking technology ships in Fujitsu chips
  • Tessera introduces new Product Launch Services; offers OptiML single-element VGA lens
  • Casio licenses Tessera’s Face Tracking technology
  • R&D Magazine recognizes OptiML wafer-level camera technology in 2008 R&D 100 Awards
  • Advanced Packaging Magazine honors Tessera’s wafer-level camera and wafer-level packaging technologies
  • Samsung licenses OptiML Focus technology
  • Tessera introduces OptiML Micro Via Pad wafer-level packaging technology for image sensors
  • Tessera introduces OptiML Low Light, OptiML Zoom, OptiML Focus image enhancement solutions
  • EDN Magazine honors OptiML wafer-level camera technology
  • Tessera acquires FotoNation
  • NemoTek licenses Tessera’s wafer-level camera and wafer-level packaging technologies
  • Licensees ship more than 20 billion units using Tessera Compliant Chip® (TCC) CSP technology
  • Toshiba licenses OptiML Focus technology
  • Tessera opens R&D center in Japan
  • Tessera introduces µPILR interconnect platform and OptiML WLC technology
  • Tessera acquires Eyesquad
  • Advanced Packaging Magazine recognizes SHELLCASE RT technology
  • Electronic Products Magazine recognizes OptiML WLC
  • Tessera acquires Digital Optics Corporation
  • Tessera introduces SHELLCASE CF and SHELLCASE RT technologies
  • Licensees ship more than 10 billion units using Tessera TCC technology
  • Electronic Business Magazine ranks Tessera as 4th Fastest Growing Company
  • Micron and Infineon license TCC chip scale packaging (CSP) technology 
  • Tessera acquires Shellcase, Ltd.
  • Ernst & Young names Bruce McWilliams Entrepreneur of the Year for No. Calif.
  • BusinessWeek Magazine ranks Tessera as 2nd Hottest Growing Company
  • NxGen licenses Tessera µZ® ball stack package
  • Matsushita, NEC and Oki license Tessera CSP technology
  • Tessera completes successful initial public offering on Nasdaq
  • R&D Magazine names µZ one of 100 most significant products of the year
  • Electronic Product & Packaging Magazine recognizes µZ technology
  • Advanced Packaging Magazine recognizes µZ technology
  • Rohm licenses Tessera CSP technology
  • Tessera introduces µZ multi-chip family of packaging solutions
  • Tessera places 2nd in MIT Technology Review Magazine’s Patent Scorecard
  • Tessera ranks 3rd in III’s Annual Tech. Report: Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Patents
  • Tessera and Intel work together to develop stacked chip-scale packages
  • Licensees ship more than 1 billion units using Tessera TCC technology
  • Sharp licenses TCC CSP technology 
  • Meicer licenses µBGA® technology
  • Tessera and Toshiba sign µBGA technology agreement
  • ChipMOS, EEMS and Toshiba license µBGA technology
  • Tessera and LG Electronics sign µBGA technology agreement
  • Sharp becomes 20th licensee of Tessera packaging technology
  • Rambus chooses µBGA technology as reference package for RDRAM
  • Samsung selects Tessera µBGA package for high volume SRAM production
  • Red Herring Magazine recognizes Tessera as one of top technology companies
  • Intel adopts µBGA for flash memory devices
  • Electronic Product & Packaging Magazine recognizes µBGA technology
  • Hitachi licenses Tessera packaging technology
  • Shinko Electric Industries Ltd. licenses Tessera technology
  • R&D Magazine recognizes Tessera's multi-chip module system
  • Tessera Compliant Chip (TCC) chip-scale packaging (CSP) technology patented
  • Tessera founded by former IBM research scientists
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