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Thermal Management
Silent Air Cooling Technology

The increased capability to integrate more functions in a single integrated circuit, together with demand for thinner, sleeker and more attractive products, is the driving force in consumer electronics. And with growing availability of wideband wireless internet, the world is invited to stay connected through feature rich electronics such as notebook computers that process full high definition (HD) video for entertainment and games. But cooling these products presents a new challenge in thermal management.

Heat is the primary cause of electronics failure. At the core of each electronic device is a processor that executes instructions and consumes power. Higher execution speed demanded by increased functionality of the processor generates higher heat that must be dissipated. This heat may be spread within the product case but eventually is transferred to the ambient air. Mechanical fans have traditionally been used to drive air over hot surfaces, increasing the amount of heat transferred. However, fans are noisy and have become a limiting factor in making products thinner.

A pioneer in chip scale packaging, Tessera is applying its industry-leading miniaturization expertise to thermal management solutions.

Silent Air Cooling Technology

Tessera is developing a unique silent air cooling technology. The technology works by generating a high intensity electric field that ionizes air molecules surrounding a corona electrode. As ions move from the corona electrode to the collector electrode, they collide with neutral air molecules, transferring charge and momentum. When the ions reach the collector electrode they are de-ionized, but a net airflow has been produced. This airflow can be used in cooling electronics. Tessera’s innovative thermal management technology for notebooks facilitates:

Features and Benefits of Silent Air Cooling Technology:

  • Thinner Products
    The dominant design trend in computers

  • Silent Operation
    Reduced noise improves user experience

  • Flexibility
    Form factor lowers cost, enables product design capability

  • Lower Temperature
    Improves reliability and enhances user comfort
Tessera Technologies, Thermal Mangement, Silent Air Cooling Technology

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With a history of developing innovative miniaturization solutions, Tessera is uniquely positioned to commercialize on this new thermal management technology.
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