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Chip Scale Packaging
Tessera Compliant Chip® Technology (TCC)
In the early 1990s, Tessera developed and introduced its visionary Tessera Compliant Chip® (TCC) technology, the industry’s first mass produced chip scale packaging (CSP) solution. This technical innovation set off a revolution in portable and wireless electronics, leading to wide-scale adoption of CSP technology which is now ubiquitous in electronics manufacturing.
CSP technology enables semiconductor packages to be only slightly larger than the chip, offering significant savings in printed circuit board (PCB) real estate while providing the required reliability and enhanced electrical performance.
TCC technology provides chip manufacturers with design options to address the various physical form factor and performance needs of their devices, and satisfies performance, size and reliability requirements across a wide range of single and multi-chip applications, including:
  • High-performance DRAM, such as RDRAM, XDR, DDR2, and DDR3
  • NOR and NAND Flash memory
  • SRAM and pseudo-SRAM 
  • DSPs, baseband processors and application processors 
  • ASICs and ASSPs
One implementation of TCC technology, Tessera’s µBGA® ball grid array CSP technology provides an ideal solution for many applications including lead bonded, and wire bonded package solutions. In particular, the face-down implementation of this package – where the active side of the silicon die faces the PCB – enables a very short electrical path between the die and the module or PCB.
Tessera brings value to its customers, licensees and the industry through ongoing support and development of its chip scale packaging technologies including TCC and µBGA technology at its worldwide research and development facilities.
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