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µBGA® - Lead Bonded
µBGA® Chip Scale Packaging Solution
Tessera’s lead-bonded µBGA® ball grid array chip scale packaging (CSP) solution is suitable for devices with pin count and die size that permit the package interconnect to fit within the physical outline of the chip. Typically these are memory devices used in wireless products, MP3 players, digital cameras, computing and networking products. The lead bonded µBGA technology is a cost effective, preferred solution for the highest speed DRAM and has been demonstrated to outperform flip chip alternatives.
The lead bonded µBGA solution will typically shrink the package size to a fraction of the size of the existing, equivalent, non-CSP plastic package. It offers small size, high-performance and high reliability to support a broad range of applications including Flash memory, DRAM (including SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, RDRAM and XDR-DRAM), SRAM and some lower pin count analog and logic devices. It has compliant features that moderate the thermal expansion mismatch between the silicon die and the PCB or module. This enables a small format, highly reliable, fine pitch ball grid array that does not need underfill, enabling lower costs and easy board rework. The µBGA solution features short signal paths for reduced parasitics, providing good electrical performance.
Lead Bonded µBGA
Features and Benefits of µBGA lead bonded technology include:
  • Patented compliant layer relieves mechanical stress, providing long-term reliability over a wide range of conditions
  • Short lead length for good electrical characteristics – ideal for high-performance applications
  • Lead-free compatible
  • JEDEC Level 1 moisture resistance - no storage concerns
  • Alpha particle protection
  • Ball grid array design for surface mount board assembly
  • Solder ball pitch down to 0.8mm and below
  • High levels of shock resistance
  • Good thermal junction for thermal management
The lead-bonded µBGA technology is a cost effective, high-performance packaging solution that offers small size and high reliability to support Flash memory, DRAM SRAM, analog and logic device applications in a broad range of products.


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