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µBGA® - Wire Bonded
µBGA® Chip Scale Packaging Solution
Tessera’s wire-bonded µBGA® ball grid array chip scale packaging solution (CSP) fulfills the industry demand for small size, high performance and high reliability. The wire bonded design uses common substrate materials and design rules and leverages existing wire bond infrastructure and economical manufacturing flows for an overall low cost. The wire bonded µBGA technology can be used in a wide variety of end-user products including game consoles, set-top boxes, HDTV, wireless and hand-held devices, and computing and networking systems.

The wire-bonded µBGA solution is supported throughout the supply chain from materials suppliers to distributors, enabling a smooth package development process from design to final implementation. For DRAM, it allows the assembler to maintain the benefits of the short interconnects that come with the die in a face-down orientation in a CSP package using traditional wire bonding technology.
Wire Bonded μBGA
Features and Benefits of µBGA wire bonded technology include:
  • Compliant layer enables high on-board reliability by relieving solder ball stress
  • Short traces offer low inductance and capacitance to enable a high performance packaging solution
  • Supports a range of ball pitches down to 0.8mm and below
  • Allows many DRAM types to be assembled in one CSP technology
  • Compatible with die shrink on center bond configurations
  • Allows for center row, peripheral, parallel and staggered bond pad arrangements
  • Utilizes established high volume equipment and materials infrastructure
  • No board-level underfill required, enabling rework
  • Suitable for applications requiring light weight, small footprint and thin profile CSP solutions
The wire bonded µBGA solution offers small size, high-performance, high reliability and design flexibility to support a broad range of high-performance DRAM applications, including DDR, DDR2, DDR3, RDRAM and XDR-DRAM.
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