Tessera provides innovative technologies that are transforming next-generation wireless, consumer and computing products.

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Semiconductor Packaging
Miniaturized Packaging Solutions
Miniature is massive when it comes to electronics. A technology innovator, Tessera’s founders embraced this idea in the early 1990s to develop the fundamental packaging technology which is now widely used throughout the semiconductor industry. Today, Tessera’s miniaturized packaging solutions are used in all types of electronics products. From cell phones and PDAs to gaming devices, netbooks to notebooks, and servers to data farms, Tessera’s semiconductor packaging solutions are transforming the way we live and work in our everyday lives.

Tessera’s innovations include the industry’s first mass produced chip-scale packaging (CSP) solution, Tessera Compliant Chip® (TCC) technology, and its visionary ball grid array solution, μBGA® technology.
  • Chip Scale Packaging provides chip manufacturers with design options to address the various physical form factor and performance needs of their products. Enabling a variety of package types including lead bonded, wire bonded and various multi-chip package solutions, Tessera’s TCC CSP technology satisfies performance, size and reliability requirements across a wide range of applications.

  • Multi-Chip Packaging applies Tessera’s CSP expertise and TCC technology to create 3D solutions that optimize performance and reliability while meeting size constraints and lowering overall system cost. It includes technologies for die stacking, mixed die System-in-Package (SiP), and Package-on-Package (PoP) stacking through substrate folding and by ball stacking.
Many leading chip makers and semiconductor industry suppliers license Tessera’s packaging technology.

Tessera continues to lead the innovation of new packaging solutions. With a significant number of patents in the areas of semiconductor packaging, interconnect and imaging and a strong commitment to R&D, the company employs dedicated technologists and operates packaging laboratories and prototype assembly facilities at its headquarters in San Jose California.
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